View Full Version : Harmony 1000 integration with SB?

2007-02-27, 13:41
Just picked up a 1000 to control my Home Theater setup. I knew ahead of time that it didn't offer any type of two-way communication features other than z-wave. I planned to use it as a stop gap until someone comes out with a similar device that will allow me to browse my SB via album art and control my HT. While looking around the Logitech site I ran across a function to upload a .csv file with DVD and CD names to the unit for direct access to sony jukeboxes. Having monitored this discussion list going on three years it sounds like a solution could be developed to use this functionality to craft an IR code the SB could use. Some sort of mapping file of albums to ir codes? Has anybody considered this solution? Is it feasible? Sounds like something the IRBlaster plugin could accommodate? I know this won't fix my album art dream, but i could live with text for the interim. I know people in the forum have talked about the H1000/SB integration due to the merger has anyone considered this approach?