View Full Version : SlimP3 woes (network connection issues)

2007-02-25, 17:34
I have an original slimp3 on firmware version 2.2.
Over the past couple weeks I've been having issues with it and decided to update the firmware to the latest (2.3).

When I got the player in the update firmware mode (mac addr displaying), and started the update software, it errored out saying that it couldn't connect to the player.

I am able to set up the player just fine, but when I attempt to actually play a song, it begins to flash 2 messages over and over (Network appears to be disconnected AND The network is now connected). Eventually I have to unplug/replug. Once it is reset, I'm able to navigate through all menu items, and even scroll through my music library... all is fine until I try to play a song.

I believe that I'm unable to upgrade the firmware version because of this issue.

I have a Squeezebox, which runs wirelessly without issue.
My slimserver software is v 6.5.1

I've tried 2 different cat5 cables and 2 different hubs/switches. The problem does not go awasy.

I opened the case to see if the NIC connection was loose, and it does not appear to be.

I did have to re-solder the power connection back to the board... that thing sticks like mad when pulling the power cord out so I think the solder-joints became loose over time.

I've looked through the forums, but haven't seen anyone with a similar issue.

Any help is appreciated.


2007-07-08, 03:56
I have exactly the same problem since today.
It's a slimp3 firmware 2.2 player and I have the same messages appearing.
Since I have 2 slimp3 I had the chance to switch players and it showed that it is clearly the problem of one of them. So, it isn't network/cabling, power supply or anything like that.

Did you find a solution to the problem yet?

2008-02-04, 22:43
I'm back at it and managed to get the firmware updated. I was even playing music for several minutes before the issues started again. So, I know everything works, but the messages from before are coming back. It flashes very quickly in succession "Network appears to be disconnected" then "The network is now connected".
However, this appears to lock it up and I must unplug and replug to get it going for another short period of time before it happens again.

I am wondering at this point if it might have to do with the power supply. If the power to the unit fluctates to much, could it cause brief disruptions?

Anyone? Bueler?


2008-02-04, 23:39
At least in my case it's not the power supply since I swapped it with my other slimp3 which works fine.

Any other ideas?

2008-02-11, 20:39
I submitted a question to tech support- but not even an acknowledgement from them. I can't help but think there is a fix. Just seems like if it were the NIC that it would either work or not work.