View Full Version : Ogg streams played back too slow?

2007-02-25, 08:12
After an initial test, today I decided to try my Icecast/IceS setup to stream music from the turntable beside the Slimserver host to a Squeezebox.

It was awful -- too slow. With Michael Herger's MusicInfo screensaver (thanks!) I could see my SB2 (firmware 71, connecting to a 6.5.1 server) running out of buffer. Every 1 or 2 seconds it'd lose another .1 or .2 seconds of buffer. And the pitch was off due to the slowness.

The Network Test plugin shows my WiFi is stable (100%) to at least 2000 kbps for the SB I was using. I tried Ogg bitrates from 300k all the way down to 64k, and all played back slow.

Then I switched to Darkice and 320k MP3 constant bitrate. I occasionally see the Squeezebox dip into the buffer (change from 0.0 to 0.1), but it always recovers back to 0.0 seconds promptly. Speed and pitch seem fine.

Has anyone else had similar problems with Ogg streaming?



P.S. A hint on encoding: IceS took 15-20% of my CPU (Athlon64 throttled to 1 GHz) to encode Ogg (64k-500k). Darkice takes only 3-6% CPU when configured for 320k CBR MP3 (do not include a "quality" setting in the darkice config).