View Full Version : How do I tell Squeezebox to use wireless and not ethernet?

Pete Foley
2003-12-28, 10:33
I just got a SqueezeBox for xmas (Yipee!) and am attempting to hook it
up. I have a netgear WGT624 wireless router which I have read (in the
archives) works with the SqueezeBox. Note I do not have any other
wireless devices so I don't know if this problem is the SqueezeBox or
the Router.

My problem is the SqueezeBox always wants to connect via ethernet. I
only have the attenna connected (no ethernet cable) and when I turn it
on and go to network setup, it only asks do I want a static IP or DHCP.
I don't see the option for wired or wireless setup of which the manual
speaks. Both static or dynamic ip options lead to erros about the
ethernet connection not being present.

Am I missing something simple to 'force' it to go into wireless setup
rather than ethernet setup? I am hoping that I am just dumb and nothing
is wrong. I have not tried an ethernet connection yet either, but may
if all else fails.

FYI - the firmware version is '5'.