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2007-02-22, 03:41

i just had a new wifi router with a new wep 128 bit key which is only a 13 digit key (whereas previous were indeed a 26 digit key). when i try to enter in the network settings of my transporter i cant get rid of all the remaining 0īs... and of course cannot connect to the slimserver.

i had no problem using the 13 digit key with my pc and my nokia n800 tablet, just how can i "force" a 13 digit key only on the transporter menu !!!??

Tks !

2007-02-22, 04:10
ok, so i polluted the forum as i just recalled myself of ascii vs Hex.. shihc was the issue. so for the record if any is stuck as i was: just make the conversion (using http://www.dolcevie.com/js/converter.html for instance) and you have a 26 digit key instead of a 13 digit one..

Mark Lanctot
2007-02-24, 09:30
Or you could use WPA where you don't have to wrestle with this stuff and which can't be cracked in seconds by a wardriver using aircrack...