View Full Version : Pass Playlist from Squeezebox to Squeezebox...

Derek Erb
2003-12-28, 11:46
Maybe we can already do this and I just haven't figure out how...

If not please consider this a Feature Request...

What I want to be able to do is the following:

In my office, on my Squeezebox called OFFICE, I have chosen a genre and then
an album and I am currently listening to that album. Let's say I'm on track
number 6 out of 13.

Now I need to go upstairs to prepare dinner and I want to continue listening
to the same album, genre or playlist or whatever right from where I was. I
do not want to synchronize the two Squeezeboxes. I want to go to the Slim
Server web interface and basically pass the position I am at, and the
playlist choice, to the Squeezebox called KITCHEN.

Is there some way to do this already?

If not... is it possible?


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