View Full Version : Streaming but no sound

Steven Kramer
2003-12-28, 10:59
I am unable to get streaming to work. I have tried streaming to WinAmp,
MediaCenter 9, and Windows Media Player. Streaming seems to work. The timer
indicates that info is being streamed to the media player. The WinAmp player
shows "Welcome to SlimServer" as the stream name and current title. The
stream info indicates that metadata is being received. The SqueezeBox is
working fine -- it plays music through the digital out into my stereo just

I am using WinXp and the SqueezeBox is connected to the server by cat5, but
I am sending the stream over 802.11b. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Steven Kramer
stevek1050pub (AT) comcast (DOT) net