View Full Version : Remote streaming access from a WM5 PPC?

2007-02-20, 22:27
Hi all -

I searched the boards and couldn't really find anything so I thought I would throw this inquiry out to the teeming masses. I have a Treo (700wx) Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC device and would love to find some solution (either elegant or band-aid) that would allow me to connect to SlimServer and/or Network when I'm out of town and stream both my media library and more importantly, gain access to stream Rhapsody.

I thought about Orb 2.0 but that will only give me my media library completely outside of Squeezebox.

Ultimately, I'm thinking maybe it might have to be a GoToMyPC.com type solution to control SoftSqueeze but I was hoping to find something that doesn't carry monthly service charges. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? In absence of REALNetworks allowing for their own native streaming of Rhapsody from a PPC device, I would love an idea that allow me to enjoy the subscription when I'm away from home, without having to fill a memory card up with downloaded songs in advance, via Rhapsody-to-go.

Any thoughts? I'm sure I'm not the only one that would enjoy gaining Rhapsody access while away via Squeeze?