View Full Version : When to expect a Squeezebox version 4 ?

2007-02-20, 00:26
The version 3 Squeezebox has now been out there for over a year. Granted they released a Transporter, it's hardly in the same league. Although this device seems to stand alone in user satisfaction, it would be nice to see one which supported multi-channel digital out via HDMI and perhaps the higher resolution audio formats (96/192 kHz).

Several new devices seem to be coming out at the same time. Apple TV, Netgear EVA8000, D-Link DSM-750. I may not be naming the best as I'm just researching these devices as well as MythTV. That said, recording audio is my first priority and I like the included screen vs most other devices which require a video screen. I just thought it may be due for some technical updates and like most technophiles, don't want to be the last guy buying the old version (at least not for a while ;)

2007-02-20, 00:47
April 1st is always a good guess.



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2007-02-20, 01:28
They'll probably go straight to 5 :)