View Full Version : Disconnection problems

2007-02-19, 09:08
Hi All, I recently started to use my SB3 again after a layoff of about three months and am experiencing problems with both SS and SN, the setup I have, has not changed (hardware or otherwise) since the time when I used it daily. Problem one: Turn on the SB, messages include "Waking up Slimserver...","Connecting to Slimserver...","Cannot connect to Slimserver , press left to go back right to retry...", repeat these steps a few dozen times with no change. I then perform a hard reset of the SB and sometimes I get connected to the SN for about anything between 30 seconds and two minutes, where it then disconnects, all of the above also applies to SS, I've checked (and reset all the network parameters) the network connection settings, rebooted my ReadyNAS which runs SS, the Current Settings report 100% wireless strength , correct IP address etc... I am at a loss as to what is happening, my Internet PC (the one I'm typing this on) is fine, as is everything else on the PC, any help...