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2007-02-19, 08:25
Hi All,
I am currently running SlimServer 6.3.1 on Windows Vista Basic. I couldn't get SS 6.5.1 to work with Vista so that is why I am using the older version. That's a whole other story, but I've gotten version 6.3.1 to work pretty well thus far. My only issue with it is that it won't display my cover art.

My files are all FLAC format and I understand that neither version 6.3.1 nor 6.5.1 can see the cover art when it is embedded in the tag of the FLAC file. Is there an easy way to copy the image file embedded in the tag to the appropriate folder where SS can see it? Also, does the next version of SS plan to fix this bug? Work with Vista? Any idea when it is coming out? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Tks

2007-02-19, 09:21
Hi. Tag & Rename will let you save the embedded art work to a file.

2007-02-19, 09:54
Is Tag&Rename "smart" enough to put it in the right folder for SlimServer to associate with the right music file. Are there any quirks I need to be aware of?

2007-02-19, 11:42
I haven't played with that function much. I know that when you open a FLAC file with embedded art and click "Save to file" (or something to that effect) under the thumbnail, it will default to saving the file in current directory. As far as whether or not it is possible to automate the task, I can't tell you.

2007-02-19, 13:01
Will give it a shot. Tks