View Full Version : Select Song in Playlist w/o Clearing Playlist

2007-02-18, 13:23
OK maybe I'm dense but I keep repeating the same mistake. I'm hoping there is a better way to do this. My issue is that I have a playlist queued up and while a song is playing I grab the remote and go to "now playing" and then press the down button until I find a song that I want to play now as opposed to waiting for it to play from it's position on the playlist. While using the remote I select play, then the problem begins. The playlist is now cleared and only the song I selected is left on the playlist.

Is there a way ( other then using the PC interface ) to select any song within a playlist to play immediately without clearing the playlist?

2007-02-18, 19:10
I had thought that the answer was going to be press and hold the '+' key to add as 'Play Next' but, when I just did a test of doing exactly what you had been doing - just scrolling down to the song in the playlist that I want and then hitting 'Play', it did not clear the list but just started playing the chosen song. The only problem is that it looks like all the tracks between where you were and where you jumped to get skipped and will not now get played.

My results are on version 6.5.2 running on linux.