View Full Version : Icecast/Ogg stream: artist/title info not displayed?

2007-02-18, 12:56
I just set up Icecast 2.3.x with Ices 2.x to stream music from my regular stereo to Squeezeboxes in the house. It's working pretty well, except my Squeezeboxes (SB1G, SB2, SB3) all show the ".ogg" filename from the Icecast URL instead of the Artist/Title metadata that Icecast is sending along with the stream. I'm fairly certain that Icecast is doing its job properly, as xmms (a Linux music player app) sees & displays the metadata.

In the past I've seen something like this, a public Ogg stream that my SB wouldn't display the metadata for.

I don't see any obvious tickets for this in Bugzilla. Is there something I'm missing?



2007-02-19, 10:40
I ran into this late last year, when I set up an Icecast server for streaming audio from a police/fire scanner that I have. The scanner also has a serial port hooked to the computer that outputs the talk group IDs. I have a Perl script that monitors the serial port, translates the IDs to names (i.e. "Police 1", "Fire 2", etc), then writes it to a metadata file and signals Icecast that the information has changed.

Winamp sees the data fine, but the SB2 I was using at the time didn't. As best I could tell, Slimserver was transcoding the OGG stream to MP3, and the transcoding module didn't support metadata. Or at least that's the impression I came away with after a quick walk though the code. It's possible there's an option there somewhere that I missed or that it's changed in the latest iteration of Slimserver.