View Full Version : How to prevent SlimServer host from going to sleep?

2007-02-18, 12:33
I know this is most likely covered somewhere, but I haven't met it so far so, I ask:

How do I prevent my SlimServer host (Mac OS X 10.3.9) from going to sleep after X minutes of "inactivity"? I would like to have a short "sleep interval", as energy is not cheap here in Denmark - but I hate the fact that the server goes to sleep in the middle of a song !?! It seems that SlimServer activity is not counted as "active activity" on a UNIX system.

Is there any way to configure the Squeezebox to send a ping (e.g. wake-on-lan) every 2 minutes, if it's playing a song? Or a way to make the SlimServer tell the UNIX kernel that there is an active process running which should prevent the system to go on stand-by.

Or can I do something on my Mac which is not just basic reconfiguring the Energy Saver (which I know how to do)?


Sune, Denmark

2007-06-22, 01:20
hi sune,

i am also looking for a solution you asked for. you found an answer meanwhile?

via macupdate i discovered to apps that look to your network traffic and if it falls down they send the mac to sleep. "bandwith sleeper" is free and worked - one time. but after waking up the mac you have to manually start the monitoring of the software with its go-button.

so for the moment i have a head- and sleepless cube as slimserver. but i found poff. poff is installed on the slimserver machine. you give it the ip of your squeezebox / transporter and if you shut it down (really down!) your mac goes of after a defined time. works great.