View Full Version : Comcast Remote To Operate SqueezeBox 3?

2007-02-17, 02:57
Hi all,

Wondering if there is anyone that managed to operate their Squeezebox using the Comcast DVR universal remote.

There is an AUX button and any number of codes that can be programmed into that button.

Anyone know if there is one compatible with one of them? And do you have an IR file to go with it?


Mark Lanctot
2007-02-17, 11:01
Does it have a code for a JVC DVD player? That should work.

2007-02-17, 13:58
That's just what I wound up doing and then further refined it.

I programmed the AUX button on the standard Comcast remote shown in the image below.

If you have a different looking Comcast remote, please refer to you Comcast Remote instruction leaflet for steps 1 thru 4.

Here are the steps that will get the remote working:

1) Press AUX on your Comcast Remote.
2) Hold down the Setup Key for a 2-3 seconds until Aux blinks twice.
3) Enter the code 0623 (found on the instruction leaflet that came with it.
4) Press the power button. The Squeeze box powering down shows you have correctly done steps 1-3.
5) Detach the attached Comcast_Remote.IR.TXT file. IMPORTANT: You need to remove the TXT extension from this file. I Needed to give it this extension in order to upload the file.
7) Restart SlimServer
8) Go into the Player Settings through the Web UI and select "Remote". Disable the JVC_DVD entry listed because this may result in conflicts. If you want to avoid doing this, you can opt for just renaming the JVC_DVD.IR file with a different extension so it isn't picked up by SlimServer.
Comcast Remote Mappings:

- Pause = Pause & continue
- Play = Starts when music is stopped, works as Now Playing when music is playing. Press again and it restarts the track.
- Stop = Stops music.
- FWD = next track
- REW = beginning of current track
- Up, Down, Left and Right Arrows - operates as expected
- exit = repeat toggle
- OK/Select = Now Playing
- 0-9 = work as they do on native remote (including holding them down to get to favorites!)
- Exit = Search
- Menu = Shuffle
- Info = Size
- CHANNEL +/- = Volume up and down.

Holding keys will work the same way as they do on the native remote.

By the way, the reason the CH+/- is being used rather than Volume, to control volume, is that when in JVC DVD emulation mode, the comcast Volume buttons do NOT work.

Anyway, that should get a few people started. If you want to make futher enhancements, you can look at the IR file and see how where I made changes. (I have put clear comments - REPLACED THIS....WITH THIS).

Remember. Everytime you must switch the Comcast Remote to AUX mode to use it with the SqueezeBox and back to Cable mode to operate your DVR again.

Hope some of you find this useful!