View Full Version : Setup in 6.5.1

2007-02-16, 15:48
In 6.5.0 and below, pressing and holding the Power button brought one to a setup menu, with "To start setup, press Right" as the default option, and pressing Up and Down leading to other options.

Now, as far as I can see, pressing and holding Power gives, if things are more or less ok but not completely, just the message "connecting to network" followed by "obtaining IP address" followed by completing the connection. There seems to be no option to go through the setup procedure.

This can be a little inconvenient. My SB was resolutely refusing to connect to my SlimServer recently. It gave me "connecting to network" then "obtaining IP address" which it said for a long time, then "connecting to SlimServer" for a long time, then the display went black again.

In the end it turned out that it wasn't an issue with Squeezebox/SlimServer but a problem on my wireless network.

But if I had been able to go through all the steps of the SB setup process it would probably have been easier for me to diagnose what was happening.

So is this a change in firmware? Or have I managed to set something so that I get fewer choices when I press and hold Power? Or what else is going on?

SB2, SS 6.5.1, Mac OS 10.4.8