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2007-02-16, 03:15

I turned on my PC this morning and, after about 30 seconds, slim.exe started taking over the CPU.

I rebooted - the same thing happened.

The only change to my PC since yesterday has been the uninstallation of 'Cyberhawk' from Novatix.

I reinstalled this and restored my PC back to yesterday. No luck - slim.exe is still taking over.

What now?

Thanks for any help,


2007-02-16, 04:12
> I reinstalled this and restored my PC back to yesterday. No luck -
> slim.exe is still taking over.

Is it scanning your collection? You might leave it for a while and see
whether it settles down again or not. Meanwhile please create a little
factsheet about your system: operating system version, slimserver version,
AV scanner etc.



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2007-02-16, 04:16
Difficult to debug the symptoms without a bit more information like what OS you are using, what version of Slimsever, what plugins you have installed, whether you have any antivirus or firewall software installed ?

Couple of thoughts - Have you tried killing the slim.exe process, then rebooting your pc ?

Have you added any new music, shortcuts to folders or playlists recently ? Is Slimserver rescanning when you open up the web interface ? Slimserver can sometimes get caught up in a loop if there are recursive links in your music library.

Are you using MusicMagic or Itunes to populate your Slimserver library ? If so, does changing the reload interval of both in the web interfact to 0, stopping Slimserver and starting again sort the problem out ?

2007-02-16, 04:20
Having just looked up Cyberhawk, I'm wondering if the reinstallation is what has sent Slimserver into a flat spin in the first place. Some firewalls and on-access scanners mistake the MySQL process in slimserver for a dodgy process. The solution is to have them ignore *.myi and *.myd files. Can you do this with Cyberhawk ?

2007-02-16, 08:14
Thanks for the replies.

Everything is well again now. I seem to have cured it by uninstalling/reinstalling Slimserver itself.

Incidentally, I'm running 6.5.1 on XP (SP2).

I think I've ruled Cyberhawk out of the equation - I'm starting to think a Plugin may have been to blame. I'll investigate.

Thanks again,


2007-02-16, 10:07
Bah - the problem resurfaced when I restarted Slimserver later in the day.

I disabled the suspect plugin to no avail.

Then I noticed that there was LOTS of network activity (considering very little should have been going on) and Squeezebox would no longer connect to Slimserver.

I appear to have sorted the problem by reducing the security levels in Slimserver. It was working yesterday though - why the change today?


2007-02-17, 03:20
Nope - it started playing up yet again. It all seemed well until I think I inadvertently pressed 'power on' on the squeezebox remote. WHen I returned to the PC half an hour later, I saw that the computer had been running at 100% for 30 minutes!



Mark Lanctot
2007-02-17, 09:26
Temporarily disable all plugins.

Also is this accompanied by disk access? If so that's a rescan. However it shouldn't go to 100% and it shouldn't cause network activity.

The network activity is bizarre - are you streaming SlimServer out over the Internet? Do you have a router? Does this stop when you unplug your Internet connection?