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2007-02-15, 08:49
As a new Squeezebox 3 owner, with SlimServer v6.5.1, I am just getting to grips with "driving" this wonderful piece of kit.
I have signed up for Pandora, Radioio, RadioTime, and downloaded AlienBBC, and am having a great time listening to all this music from around the world.

One radio station I can't find though is TalkSPORT.

Can anyone help me here please?



Mike Meyer
2007-02-15, 10:36
From the web interface, click on Help, then Internet Radio.

Paste this URL into the Tune In Now:


There are probably better ways too. :)

2007-02-15, 15:40
Last year some users had a lot of problems getting Talksport to play with SS 6.5.x. There are issues about the codec (WMA Speech) and also how SS validates stations before trying to play.

I think there may still be problems.