View Full Version : Flac Tags

Michael Gerbasio
2003-12-27, 06:48
I'm running SlimServer V 5.0.1 on Suse Linux 9.0 using flac files.
SlimServer doesn't seem to be able to read the flac tags. I ripped the
files in WinXP using EAC and encoded with flac, then I checked the tags in
foobar2k, so I'm sure the files are properly tagged. I transferrred them to
a Linux server I setup.

The files are stored as follows:
how can I get SlimServer to at least see the file name for the information?
I sees the files name I just can't get it to parse the information.

Currently, if I press any of the browse links, I get "1 album with 4298
songs by 1 artist" and all songs show in the Music Player. TIA.

Regards-Michael G.