View Full Version : SlimServer, iTunes and Playlists

2007-02-13, 10:05
I am a brand new SB3 user (1 week now), and have spent most of the last week trying to get SS to recognize, and update, my iTunes playlists. I think I have solved the problem, and thought I would share my experience. I have read most of the posts here on the topic of iTunes playlists, but have not seen a reference to what I believe I have discovered.

The Settings dialog in SS asks for the path to the iTunes Music Library.xml file. I have my iTunes folder on an external hard drive, and my music folder, album artwork, and all related data files are in that folder. There is a second .xml file in that folder named iTunes Music.xml. I noticed that that file seems to be updated every time I close iTunes, while the Music Library file is not. I pointed SS to look in the iTunes Music.xml file for my playlists, rather than the iTunes Music Library.xml file, and it worked.

I am uncertain if this will also resolve the issue I read about elsewhere here on the automatic update of playlists, but I am guessing it will.

By the way, I am running SS under Windows XP Pro, and iTunes 7.0.2.

I hope this can save someone just a little of the time I have spent trying to resolve this issue.