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2007-02-12, 16:24
Hi there. New to the forum but have been a happy squeezebox owner for nearly two years: have 2 SB3s and 1 SB2 connected to an old Celeron based PC running XP. Anyway, my issue if anyone can help, is with the last two Slimserver upgrades I have installed the behaviour of the wake-on-lan feature seems to have changed.

I am running some SW on the PC to shut down the server if CPU usage drops below 3% for more than 20 mins - which means my PC is not running 24/7 - trying to do my bit for the environment!!

This has always worked a treat but since the intro of Slimserver 6.5 the whole WOL process seems to have become more cumbersome. Now when I hit the power button i get the "Waking slim server....", my PC starts but I have to re-do this process twice more to get the SB3 or SB2 to even after the PC has finished its boot up.

When WOL was first introduced on release 6.3 my SB would just show the date/time once the server was awake. Hence I would know they had connected to the Server.

Is anyone aware of a SW change in Slimserver that now means I have to hit the power button two or three times to get the SB to talk to the PC even thought the latter is fully booted up - and if so is there a work-around.

I dont really want to have to retro-grade my system back to 6.3 level but I am fed up with getting grief from my wife because she says she can never get the SB to work?! She doesn't seem to understand or tolerate the need to press the power buttons once, wait five mins and then press it twice more!!

Apologies for the long post - wanted to get all of the detail in! Any help from anyone who has had similar problems appreciated.

2007-02-12, 16:39
Have you tried to put your computer to standby instead of shutting it down? It would make up very much quick which could reduce your problems.

You might have to go into BIOS and change sleep mode to "Standby to RAM" (also called STR or S3).

2007-02-13, 04:14
I've always had to press power a couple of times. I'm guessing becuase my machine is not starting up quick enough.

And I have a pretty swift 2.4Ghz P4 with 1.5Gb RAM. The machine is kept pretty lean and goes from standy to ready in <10 seconds.

Look's like your Celeron just isn't starting as fast as it did.
Part of that might be down to 6.5. It uses about 80Mb on my system and is the biggest consumer of memory aside from Firefox.
Then, there's also the myslqd process which uses about another 16mb.

You didn't say how much memory your system has and what OS your using.

2007-02-14, 07:54
I have the same problem.
It would be sweet if the Squeezebox could have an adjustable timer from when the WOL packet is sent until the Squeezebox tries to connect to the Slimserver.
Or maybe the Slimserver could send a "hello" to all known Squeezeboxes when its online.

2007-02-14, 08:42
Yes, I think this has been discussed a number of times.

But I don't think anyone has felt it might be worth logging an enhancement request. At least I couldn't find one.