View Full Version : I can't select the next song within the album

2007-02-10, 12:41
I'm sure this is a pretty basic question, but due to my newness to Slimserver, I can't figure it out.

Sometimes when I select an album, after a small time window, I can't skip to the next/previous track. I then have to browse or search music again to get to the next song.

What am I doing/not doing to cause this behavior?



2007-02-10, 20:40
You can usually hit the Now Playing button and then scroll down and hit play.

How well the Scan/Next track button behaves somewhat depends on what format files your playing.

The FF/Next Track button is also way overloaded in my opinion. Tap is next track, Hold is Step FF to next speed, totally clumsy.

Since I'm hooked up digitally to my preamp Volume should be always 100% on the squeezebox for best quality. So I split the FF/Scan button between the FF button and Volume up and it behaves MUCH better now. I have those functions mapped to the normal Next Track (|>>) and FF (>>) buttons on a Universal Remote (Harmony). Same goes for REW/Previous Track.

I did these remappings in the IR file on the SlimServer.