View Full Version : Network drive and MusicIP Send to Slimserver

2007-02-10, 10:33
Until yesterday, I had all my music stored on a Ximeta Netdisk with SlimServer running on my PC. This Netdisk is not like a NAS, it requires a driver and it runs a service that mounts the drive as if it were a regular local drive in all the computers where the driver is installed. So all my music was on the K drive and SlimServer had no problem accessing it through the drive letter path.

But I recently got a Mac laptop, and this Netdisk would not work seamlessly over the network with the Mac (would have required reformatting and other stuff I didn't want to get into). So I bought a Western Digital Netcenter and set it up yesterday. But even though you can map it to a drive letter, it is still seen by the system as a network drive and not a local drive like the Netdisk was. That meant I had to change SlimServer to use the UNC path instead of the drive letter path.

Okay, no problem as far as SlimServer goes, but I also use MusicIP Mixer's send to Slimserver function all the time and MusicIP's database refers to everything by drive letter so this no longer works.

Note: I don't use MusicIP integration from within Slimserver. The plugin is installed, but "Don't use MusicMagic" is checked so that the databases don't get merged. (It always caused problems for me.) I only use MIP to create mixes and send them to SS, but now that they use different paths, it doesn't send the songs to Slimserver. Does anyone have suggestions of a workaround for this?

2007-02-10, 14:45

I did a forum search and learned about the option to set "Automatically run at login" (instead of at startup) from the tray icon and that did the trick. I put the drive letter path back in settings and everything works just as it did before.

Would have saved me some time if this option had been better publicized.