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2007-02-09, 22:27
After more than a year of using Slimserver, after a recent rescan, several albums are listed two or three times with songs split among them. All of the songs are there, just split. These are flac files under a simple file system Artist>Album>Tracks. They are properly tagged and have been listed in SS properly in the past. Dark Side of the Moon, for instance, is split into three albums -- two called Dark Side of the Moon and the third is Dark Side of the Moon (Disc 1). The first contains tracks 8, 2, 4, 6, 7 (in that order), the second contains tracks 5, 1, 3, and the third has track 9. All display the same album art (art is a file, cover.jpg, in the album folder. Any thoughts? I have already deleted the cache file and rescanned completely, along with a total removal of the program and its file and a reinstallation.

2007-02-10, 01:35
Its a fair bet that there is something subtly inconsistent about the tags in these files.

Are there perhaps two types of tags in there (Orbis comments and ID3, for example - this shouldn't happen but it has been seen before)? Or are there other tags like AlbumArtist, Composer, something else?

Have a really good look with mp3tag or similar...


2007-02-10, 17:01

It's always worth checking your files by opening them up in something like Notepad. Check the beginning and end of the files and I bet there are two sets of tags.

I've come across this many times. Usually, it's APE tags at the end that cause the problem. SlimServer seems to use these over ID3v2 tags if it finds them.

I wish there was a way choose which tags to use! It is possible to configure mp3tag to write ID3, ID3v2 and APE tags, this is probably your safest bet.

If this has just started happening, maybe Windows Media player was trying to be helpful and updated your files?

Good Luck!


2007-02-11, 03:47
Watch out for capital letters in Album Title too - compare:
- Dark Side Of The Moon
- Dark Side of the Moon
These are separate albums.

It is possible Dark Side of the Moon (Disc 1) has been entered into the tag for some tracks OR that some tracks have a DiscNumber field - and you have slimsserver set to treat multi disc albums as separate albums? Suggest deleting the DiscNumber field.

MP3TAG is good for comparing ID3v1, ID3v2 and Ape tags, if you check options, settings. Tag & Rename is a little easier - you simply click the button for each and see what tags are revealed. Suggest using MP3TAG to "Remove" the ID3v1 and Ape tags. Then select all and edit the ID3v2 tags.

The main reason to retain ID3v1 is if your portable player supports that format only. ID3v2 works well with slimserver - in my experience.

Once you have made all changes, suggest Clear Library and Rescan.

2007-02-12, 05:13
I had the same problem recently, and it is frustrating that SlimServer seems to have become much more sensitive to inconsistent tags recently (since 6.5?).

As others have suggested, you can check inconsistencies using MP3Tag. The quickest way I've found is to highlight all the tracks within the album, and then press ALT-T. This brings up a dialogue box with a summary of the tags. If a value is shown as [keep] it means there are differences between tracks, and you should click and re-enter the value (unless it's track name or number, which you obviously want to differ!) It will also often show spurious fields and values, which you can delete.