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2007-02-09, 16:43
Windows XP SP2 fully patched with IE7.

Received an SB1 from a friend that also has a SB3 and a SB2. I wanted to try it out before purchasing my own SB3. I had no trouble with the intial set-up; i.e. everything worked. However, ever since I changed the IP address on my machine to a fixed IP address, everytime I start the slimserver (now 6.5.1, but was 6.5.0) it can't locate the player.

Network is behind a Linksys Router with ports 3483, 9000 and 9090 for both TCP and UDP forwarded to the correct fixed IP address.

Normally run a Kerio firewall which does not have an entry for slim.exe in the applications section, but does have the trusted zone correctly defined. The Kerio firewall shows slim.exe running on its General page with the proper ports being allowed. In desperation, I disabled it but that did not fix the problem.

Everything is wired; i.e. no wirelss. I can ping the SB. I can ping the router. I can ping my print server or any of the other 4 machines on the network, I just can't get the Slimserver to find the SB.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2007-02-09, 19:08
I am experiencing the same problem, BUT I am using Windows Vista Ultimate. Works fine for me on my Windows XP machine, but not on Vista Ultimate.

I too can ping my SqueezeBox. I have tried both 6.5.1 and 6.3.1 with the same results. I have disabled McAfee Firewall and am running with the Windows Firewall switched OFF.

My wireless PDA Pocket PC works fine over my wireless network.

Any ideas?

2007-02-11, 09:53

Ouch! Read as a forceful slap to the forehead.

When I re-configured the machine with the SlimServer with a FIXED IP address that was different from the one the router would assign, I forgot to reset the IP address of the machine on the SB1.

After resetting the network config on the SB, everything works.

Another reminder no to overlook the simple and obvious first.