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2003-12-26, 19:19
The sync bugs are not fixed in this build.

I just tried it out, one squeeze and one slim. Played very well for the
first 4-5 tracks, then on the 6th track the following events happened.

1. SliMP3 started playing the 6th track.

2. No audio output from the Squeeze.

3. Check display on the squeeze, shows the countdown timer for the track
being played, but it is jumping every couple of seconds and there is no
audio out from it.

If this is considered the final load that fixed the problems it is a little
disheartening as I got it to break in under an hour.


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Hi All,

I've posted updated nightly pre-release versions of SlimServer here:


that have several additional fixes for synchronization. If you were
having problems with previous versions, please try this out and let us
know how it goes.

I hope to release an official version of the software this week, so if
you have a chance to test this out and let us know if you have any new
problems (with sync or anything else), that would be great!