View Full Version : slimserver page can not be shown

2007-02-09, 10:42
I have recently purchased a sb3 and after som trouble managed to install it but did the problem stopped there? no! slimserver is running but i can,t get the web interface to work i have tried the adresses http://localhost:9000/ and
Ihave also done what i should in my winows xp firewall and done as described at the support site to allow norton 2005 to open the ports but nothing work. however it work perfekt on my laptop but thats not were i store my music.
my computer:
windows xp sp2
norton antivirus 2005
internet explorer6

2007-02-09, 12:34
i have also noticed that the sqeezebox only find my laptop in the network and not the computer wich ihave the music on and that slimserver dosesnt work on. Even if i turn off my firewall it doesnt find it. iam getting desperate. also te menu has start to jump several steps even thoe i just push once on the remote.