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2007-02-09, 04:58
I have noticed my desktop emac will rip an album to aiff with error correction on in about 2 minutes, ripping at times up to 35 times real time. My powerbook takes about 14 minutes an album, never going above 8 times real time. Is this just down to differences in cd drive and processor power? I haven't experimented yet to see if there is any audible difference.
emac is G4 1.25, 750m memory, pioneer 8 x dvd drive, 320g hd @7200rpm.
powerbook is G4 1.5, 1250m memory, built-in 4 x dvd drive, 80g hd @4200rpm.

Mark Lanctot
2007-02-09, 07:13
8 x dvd drive

4 x dvd drive

There's your main difference. The hard drive difference will be less of a limitation, the data's coming much slower off the CD than it is being written onto the hard drive. The data's being read at 5410 KB/s for the 4 X drive and could be written at about 30 MB/s for the 4200 RPM HDD, so the hard drive is not the limiting factor. The processor speed makes hardly any difference at all, ripping to AIFF doesn't require compression and wouldn't be very processor-intensive.

My laptop is the same way - it's much slower at ripping than my desktop. It also has a much harder time with damaged discs (this is with EAC that will slow the drive down when it encounters errors).