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8 Ball Deluxe
2007-02-08, 02:34
When I search my music by Artists then SlimServer won't show me all albums the artist is present on, mostly it lets out some - but not all - samplers. This is strange, as all my files are converted to FLAC and are ripped and tagged in the same way.

Any idea? I wanted to completely erase the database to make a clean rescan but do not know where exactly SlimServer saves the database.

2007-02-08, 03:03
You'll need to give a few more details like what OS you're using ?

If Windows - just stop Slimserver, delete the Slimserver/Server/Cache folder entirely and then start Slimserver back up.

It sounds to me from the little information you've given like you might have the setting "Group Compilation Albums together" switched on. If you change this to "Group by individual artist" and do a full clear and rescan, does this sort the problem for you ?

8 Ball Deluxe
2007-02-08, 04:16
Sorry for offering too few information, here it comes:

OS: WinXP - SlimServer-Ver.: 6.5.1

I uninstalled SlimServer and erased all of its data. Still the same result. The behaviour is set to "Group by individual artist". As I mentioned: Some samplers are connected to the artists, some are not - that is, what makes it so strange.
The FLAC-files all have vorbis-tags. They were ripped and tagged the same way (dbPowerAmp). I have controlled the artist names in the tags. Re-tagging doesn't work either.
Winamp's media library has absolutely no problem in connecting the songs to the artists. I have absolutely no guess why SlimServer doesn't group the songs right.

2007-02-08, 04:25
Can you describe a little more what you mean by "samplers not connected to the artists" ?

Are you saying that when you browse to a particular artist and go right / click to list all albums by that artist - the samplers don't appear as an album by that artist or are you trying to list all songs by a particular artist ?

And when you say you've "controlled the artist names" - does that mean you've checked the tags are correct ?

Sorry to keep asking questions, but I'm still trying to understand what the problem is.

Maybe you could attach a small screenshot ?

8 Ball Deluxe
2007-02-08, 04:35
LOL, I am from Germany so my English might be unprecise. Sorry for that.

I do the following:
I click on Browse by Artist
I click on the artist's name
...and as far as I do understand it now there should be shown all albums where the artist appears on, right?
But I do not get shown all of the samplers, but some. This applies to all artists, not just one.

> And when you say you've "controlled the artist names" - does that mean you've checked the tags are correct ?

Yes. I have not set the tag "album artist" only "artist". But that should not be an issue, or shoud it? As samplers do not have only one album artist...

2007-02-08, 06:27
Not at all. Dein Englisch ist besser als mein Deutscher !

It still sounds to me like a possible problem with various artist logic, assuming that these samplers have tracks with more than one artist on.

The easiest way to resolve this is likely to be to open up two files (one which works and one which doesn't) in a full featured tagger like mp3tag or Tag&Rename and to try and work out what is different between them.

Couple of thoughts - do you have the Composer tag set at all on the offending tracks ? If so, delete it and do a full clear and rescan.

Do you have the Compilation tag set (COMPILATION=1) ? If so, set Compilation to 0 (not delete the tag entirely) on one of the albums and do a full clear and rescan.

If either works, repeat across the other albums.

2007-02-08, 06:50
Have a look at this post - it sounds like the same problem as you are having (although you haven't mentioned playlists)



8 Ball Deluxe
2007-02-08, 13:28
Thank you. That's it, absolutely. As soon as I removed my playlists and did a clean rescan all albums of the artists reappeared in SlimServer. So it simply is a bug, where playlists crash the search results - whatever reason that has.

Thanks to everybody who tried to help!