View Full Version : Nokia 770 for sale in UK

2007-02-07, 15:42
Hope this is not too much of a cheek but before I put my Nokia 770 for sale on ebay.co.uk I thought Id offer a super bargain basement price to squeezebox owners who know what a great wifi remote it is. Im guess on recent auctions it might go for c160 but Id like it to go so a good home and I'll throw in its 1gig memory card and postage for 140 it's used (obviously) has no box and Im not promising to find all the little bits and pieces like the stand and so on. But it has its stylus and the usb cable. It works fine and has been updated to the latest firmware. Dont want to start an epic thread so maybe just PM me if you are interested in the UK - I guess payment could be Paypal ideally.

2007-02-07, 16:37
WHY did I just read this? I *just* bought one Buy It Now off of eBay based on the threads here; I wanted to try it to browse web and control my SB3. :(