View Full Version : Quick ogg question

Roy M. Silvernail
2003-12-26, 14:59
Is there some magic incantation for ogg files that I missed? My collection is
all mp3. To try out ogg, I decoded an mp3 to wav with mpg123 and encoded the
result with 'oggenc -q 10'. ogg123 plays the result fine, but slimserver
through a squeezebox... well, it's Alvin and the Chipmunks. Did I miss

Another wierdness: after trying to play the ogg file, I tried to start a
network mp3 stream and got bursts of white noise, followed by silence (and
this is on the analog outputs, so the white noise isn't from my optical input
losing sync this time). I had to play a local mp3 file for a few seconds
before the remote mp3 stream would play.