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2007-02-06, 08:55
Hi all,

I see a lot of great stuff *IS* available for the SB and the SlimServer. Much more is happening than I get the impression of when I browse the plug-in section.

So my question is as follows: How come that e.g. the new SlimFX skin is not already described by someone on the Plug-In pages? (Same goes for the AppleScript app's that makes iTunes and SlimServer communicate etc.).

I can understand that the developers are busy developing cool stuff (keep it coming), but it is a shame that new users will not benefit from this unless they read the forums from one end to the other.

I dunno what to do about this. Is this just lack of volunteer resources or is there some kind of approval going on before stuff makes it to the plug-ins pages?

Kind regards

Sune - the-fairly-newcomer

2007-02-06, 09:04
ANYbody can write into the wiki. Even you! If you feel strongly, add it yourself, though I'd suggest its probably up to the plugin writer to decide when its worth adding (already had such an exchange with SlimFX's author).