View Full Version : Squeezebox pauses during song?

2007-02-05, 18:34
I have a Squeezebox and a Win2003 server running the latest SlimServer version (6.5.1), with Perl 5.8.8. When I bought the thing it was a couple of revs ago (6.3.1, I think?), but I have dutifully updated the thing through a couple of versions lately.

Anyway, with the last couple of versions the thing will pause during playback occasionally. One or two songs do it consistently, and some do it but not consistently. To get it to continue I have to skip to the next song. I'm playing WMA files that were ripped with MS Media Player using their highest quality variable bitrate.

Anyone have any ideas about how to fix this? I don't believe it ever happened with the original rev I had, though I'm not certain because my music collection has been expanded since then.