View Full Version : silent songs, not consistent

2007-02-05, 13:41
Slowly but surely, I am getting this thing to work...

I am having only one problem, all songs have been ripped using the MP4/aac Plus high bit rate encoder and am using the MPlayer to play these tracks. For the most part, the library plays fine, but there are certain artists that don't play at all (Dave Mathews Band) yet it shows up in the SS, and SS says it's playing, but nothing on the SB other than the tagging info (artist/song). Others take an inordinate amount of time between songs, but a lot play just fine.
I can't see this as an encoder problem as my library contains over 200 albums and 90% play fine.

Is there some way to troubleshoot this further? All the music has come from commercial CDs, I can think of nothing that makes the 10% different from the 90%. And it is consistent with the artist, it's not network traffic or another variable that would affect everything.