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2007-02-05, 11:45
I am considering slimserver. I would like it to use my iTunes playlists. I have multiple Library.xml files ( one for each user on the computer ) with the music files in one shared directory. I read in a different post that slimserver only supports one Library.xml. Is this true? Are there some hacks for using more than one? What are the problems associated with these? My main goal is to have everyone's playlists available, is there some other way to accomplish this besides reading multiple Library.xmls?

2007-02-05, 16:29
A house with three iPods and two 'carbon units', and slight differences in musical tastes.

What you need to do is within the 'foreign' iTunes 'export' the PlayList into the shared music folder (any shared folder would probably do), then log into the account with which you set up SlimServer then import the playlist into that instance of iTunes. From SlimServer you will then rescan PlayLists.

For 'purchased music' even though due to DRM SlimServer is unable to decode it, the Account needs to be 'authorzed'. In Apple-speak it's "authorize this computer", but it is the users account.

2007-03-14, 17:24

I also have a Mac with music files under a shared music file directory. 2 users with separate accounts have different playlists.

Is there a way to have both playlist sets available to squeezebox? I don't quite understand your reply--if i do understand it then that means one user has to have all itunes playlists (from both) on their version

Is there anyway of pointing to both playlists. What file does this? Is it xml file?