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Paul W
2007-02-05, 09:53
Dear All,

Just wanted to share my experience in case it helps someone else out. I recently added a second SB3 and have since had intermittent wireless stuttering & drop outs when listening to both synchronised. I installed the latest Slimserver and f/w which helped a bit but it was never perfect. The network test plugin would show streaming maxed out at 500 - 1500 kbps, i.e. the highest data rate I could achieve 100% at, depending on conditions / random effects.

On a whim, I decided to try a new wireless router. Swapped out my old Microsoft MN-720 (which worked perfectly for wireless PC usage) with a D-Link 624 for $50 from Costco.

Wireless is immediately perfect. Can hit 5000 kbps at 100% on both SB-3's simultaneously. I'm now in wireless, streaming heaven, all for $50 ... just wish I'd done so sooner.

Now I wish I'd ripped all my CD's to Flac instead of AAC, although AAC sounds pretty darn good at 192kbps ...


2 x wireless SB3, Slim 6.5.1, f/w 72, Win XP
Arcam Alpha 8R, Totem Acoustic Staff's

2007-02-05, 10:42
...definitely the newer wireless generation is better suited to the task, and probably a requirement for those using FLACs (which I do for a chosen subset of music, since the majority of it sounds perfect at 320kbps mp3!).

And I can wholeheartedly recommend the higher rates for music - I was initially sceptical about anything higher than 256kbps being worthwhile, but now am I full believer in FLAC and MP3 at 320k. It's worth it for archival purposes - the portable devices and car will be happy with less. But those rates require stable wireless.

One thing the newest wireless router doesn't solve are the stubborn DHCP issues, but it doesn't faze me, since the SB is happy with a fixed IP address outside of the range managed by the DHCP server.