View Full Version : New User, Linksys, Signal Strength Question

Jason Holtzapple
2003-12-26, 11:45
--- qr (AT) nuxmux (DOT) com wrote:
> Even when working wirelessly in the same room as the router the signal
> strength report on the squeezebox only reports 40 to 50% and it is
> only 10 feet straight-line from the router with no obstructions
> between the two. Does this poor signal strength seem right? Is there
> something I can do to improve it?

It sounds like something is wrong. I am getting about 60% signal
from another room separated by walls from the base station,
an Orinoco rg-1100.

Experiment with positioning the antenna on the Squeezebox -
I found about a 20% difference between best and worst placement.

Placing the access point as high as possible also tends to
help signal strength.


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