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2007-02-04, 21:15
I hope I'm not missing anything obvious in this situation, but I can't seem to figure out what's going on. This issue happens with more than one artist and album, but I'll use a specific example to explain the problem I'm experiencing:

I have a disc called 'Music From Scrubs'. It contains various artists that appeared on the television show Scrubs. If I browse by album (either in the server software or on the Squeezebox itself), I am able to find it with no problem. From there I can scroll down to a track called "Dracula In Houston" by Butthole Surfers. I can play this track without any problem.

However, if I try to browse by artist, Butthole Surfers doesn't appear. In addition, if I navigate to it on the server software via album and click on 'Butthole Surfers' the software tells me that there are 0 albums with 0 songs by 0 artists. However, other artists on the 'Music From Scrubs' soundtrack do showup when I browse by artist.

This was a tough one to explain. If it's confusing, I can always upload screenshots to help clarify.

I've been playing with the settings in Home -> Server Settings -> Behavior -> Compilations, but I can't seem to fix the issue.

Thanks in advance for any help!

2007-02-05, 00:58
Start with some basic info: what OS, what version of Slimserver, what file type?

Its possible there is something odd in your tags which is confusing SS. Have a look with mp3tag to see if you have multiple tag types on your files (see the wiki...), having both ID3v1 and ID3v2 has been known to throw SS, and it may well be that the different files are different in this respect.


2007-02-09, 15:17
Really hard to tell without details.

Anyhow: the idea I have is, that the disk is not searched. On the Mac (OS X) f.e. the slimserver searches the contents of the folder "music". Any external volume as well as folder outside of "music" will not be searched.

The solution could be (as you might think) is place an alias of the external drive into "music". BUT THAT DOES NOT WORK! The slimservers scanner does not follow aliases!

But it does follow symbolik links.

So you have to get a terminal, and use the CLI to create symlinks inside the "music" folder... done.

Since I dont know what OS you are using, i cannot tell if this is a problem to your installation too. It will be the case under OS X as well under Linux though.

Dont know about windows.