View Full Version : Slimserver-> Itunes = No Sound

2007-02-04, 13:16
I just installed Slimserver on a Windows XP box. I am trying to use Slimserver to play music on the same machine in which slimserver is installed, which will be hooked into a multi-zone amplifier. My objective is to be able to remotely control the music playing on that server through the web interface. Now for the problem.

In order to play the music from Slimserver, I need to run an MP3 client on the server. The first I tried was Itunes. After connecting to the slimserver, I get the "welcome to slimserver" message and the song metadata displayed in Itunes. However, I don't get any music. It also appears that slimserver, doesn't seem to recognize the "remote" player, as I was expecting to see it listed in the upper right corner of the display. I get the same result using other mp3 clients from this machine as well as remotely from my mac. When I run Softsqueze either on the server or remotely on the mac, it is recognized by slimserver and music does play, albeit softly. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?


Mark Lanctot
2007-02-04, 13:37
Do you have LAME installed correctly? See Player Settings - Audio - Bitrate Limiting. (It'll use this for all MP3 streamer players, even if you say "No Limit").