View Full Version : New User, Linksys, Signal Strength Question

2003-12-26, 10:07
Hello, I just got my squeeze box on Wednesday. This thing is cool! I
have it set up and working in the same room as my linksys BEFW11S4
router. I have tried to use it in the living room (about 20
straight-line feet from router and one interior wall in-between) but
it doesn't work. It has intermittently played in the living room, but
I keep getting a message about losing the connection with the server.
My wireless link on my laptop works great in the living room. I am not
sure why I am having problems with the squeezebox.

Even when working wirelessly in the same room as the router the signal
strength report on the squeezebox only reports 40 to 50% and it is
only 10 feet straight-line from the router with no obstructions
between the two. Does this poor signal strength seem right? Is there
something I can do to improve it? Like I mentioned, my wireless laptop
connection works well in the living room (and all over the house for
that matter).

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

I just upgraded the firmware in my router this morning to version
1.44.2z, Dec 13 2002. Signal strength problem persists after the