View Full Version : The Ballad Of Curtis Loew - Lynyrd Skynyrd song

2007-02-02, 18:12
My very first digtal audio recording. I plugged my microphone into the computer and recorded this as a 24/96 WAV. This is a song from Lynyrd Skynyrd off the Second Helping album (love that record). I thought about this old song yesterday and decided to play it. I have never learned this song so I took liberties and made up my own arrangement. This recording is the first complete take (had a lot of false starts). Hope it sounds OK. It is very improvised. I decided to play it in a more folk style.


2007-02-03, 09:47
You have quite a repertoire. Are we going to have the pleasure of a new thread for each song you learn?

How about creating a thread called 'promoting my new cover song', and add all the new cover songs you learn to that existing thread?

On an apparently unrelated note, how's your Squeezebox treating you?