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2007-02-02, 03:51
Hi im attempting to get my squeezebox to play a stream from above link,
ive tried going to the slimserver web console , pasting in a link and selecting 'tune in' but it doesnt work, can someone help please!

Looks like link is down testing via winamp, but still works fine normally, but i can't in squeezbox! Any help appreciated




2007-02-02, 04:43
http://www.m1live.com/listen.aspx takes you to the web site. If you click on the Itunes/Winamp mp3 it will download a playlist called broadband.pls. Open this in a text editor such as Notepad and you will see urls for a number of different versions of m1live.

Copy and paste the one you want into slimserver web page Home/Tune in URL, and click Tune in. It should play.

You could also copy the broadband.pls to your Slimserver Playlist folder, and select it by browsing playlists.

Try "http://streaming.planetwideradio.com:8050" if you want the UK London stream.

2007-02-02, 05:22
Fabulous that worked!! Thanks v much for the help!