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Jeffrey Gordon
2003-12-26, 08:27
Well I just received a Squeezebox for Christmas. I love it, it works
great with wired ethernet, however I can not get the wifi to work.

I have a Dlink DWL-900AP+ with the latest firmware. I have 128bit WEP
turned on, NO MAC filtering, Broadcast SSID is ON (found some devices do
not work well with it off). I have several different wireless clients
from an Orinoco PC Card, Palm Tungsten C with builtin WIFI, a Dlink
DWL-810+ bridge, and a WET11 bridge and they all work fine. The Dlink
bridge is actually currently in the same location as the Squeezebox.

I configure the Squeezebox for my SSID and WEP key and it just times out
trying to find my network, I have re-entered the WEP key several times
just to make sure I am entering it correctly. On my Dlink AP I see in
the logs that the Squeezebox has connected however the squeezebox does
not seem to think it has.

Any ideas?


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