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2007-01-31, 14:59

The Alt-country station "Batteries and Beer" crashes my squeezebox. I was listening to this station for about a day and while I was listening I lost all sound. I tried other stations and nothing.

Once I unplug my sqeezebox everything is normal until I try and play this station again. Once I do that, I again lose everything until I reboot.

I have other stations on live365 with the same bit-rate, so it really seems to be something about this one particular station. I have also updated my firmware and rebooted my sound chip.

Any ideas?


2007-01-31, 16:50
I had a problem like that with SlimServer version 6.5.0 which appears to have been fixed in 6.5.1.

Bug report here (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4365) - I wonder if you get the same error in your logs...?

2007-01-31, 16:53
Good idea, I'll check my log files. Although I'm pretty sure the problem happens when I'm through squeezenetwork also.

2007-01-31, 23:55
jabrazil wrote:
> Good idea, I'll check my log files. Although I'm pretty sure the
> problem happens when I'm through squeezenetwork also.

The slimserver and firmware versions are linked. Perhaps the firmware
that comes with 6.5.1 solves your problem.


2007-02-01, 16:14
Nothing show up in the log files. The problem also occurs with squeezenetwork. Does anybody else listen to this station? Does it work?

2007-02-01, 17:33
I've had some Squeezebox reboots when listening to Internet Radio, too. I think it's only been since upgrading from 6.3.x to 6.5.1, but I haven't kept track very well.

mflint -- I think this is different. In my case, for instance, my SB2 crashed/rebooted the other day (on FolkAlley.com) but I believe Slimserver kept running & properly updating the When Off screensaver on the SB3 in the next room. I certainly didn't have to restart Slimserver.

I suspect it's a SB/firmware problem -- don't SB2/SB3 devices connect "directly" to HTTP streaming stations? I've suspected it's a bug in the TCP stack of the SB. Would installing something like Squid on my Slimserver and configuring Slimserver with that as a "proxy" force my SB to fetch streams through the Slimserver host? It'd be a (relatively) huge waste of bandwidth (especially in my case, as my Slimserver host hangs off a WiFi bridge), but I have more confidence in my local network's packets, and my Slimserver host's ability to deal with Internet flakiness.

Slim folks -- do you "torture test" the firmware networking to make sure glitches can't adversely affect our players?


P.S. A little off-topic, but what's the URL for Batteries & Beer? I've been a little down since TwangCity's latest outage has stretched on longer than expected...

P.P.S. My SB2 has crashed on at least one stream other than FolkAlley. It might've been Twang City, but I really don't recall.

2007-02-01, 18:44
Here's the URL: http://www.live365.com/stations/dapples

What is strange is that I can play any and all of my other stations, but once I try and play this station the squeezebox just locks up immediately, everytime. I've never had a problem with other stations like Folk Alley, Moxie, etc.

2007-02-03, 06:46
Could others who use Live365 please test this?

I just did on my SB2 and SB3. No surprise, same behavior on both systems.

- On the player, Internet Radio -> Live365 -> Search -> by Station
- search for BEER
- try to play the station

When I do that, I see the usual
Checking stream
messages, but after Buffering is done, the SB is still quiet and the visualizer flat. If I go to Now Playing, I see song info from Batteries & Beer.

The SB does not crash, but it cannot play music after that. For instance, if I browse to my library and try playing something, I get the same basic behavior as I had for B&B -- no sound, still visualizer, and the Now Playing progress/countdown is stuck.

Holding the power button to fully reboot the SB fixes the SB. I have not tried resetting the audio chip (I've read about that, but never had to do that).

I don't see a bugzilla ticket on this, so I'll open one now.


2007-02-03, 06:55
Here's a link to the bug I just opened on this:


2007-02-09, 07:06
I posted more details in Bugzilla, but, briefly: forcing the Squeezeboxes to use a web proxy server does not solve the problem. So it seems not to be a network issue, but a problem with the content of the HTTP responses from Live365.



2007-02-09, 18:07
Yet another followup to my own post... Slim Devices reports that they've got a firmware update on the way that fixes this problem:


2007-02-13, 12:26
It was thought that bug 4563 was the same thing. Unfortunately, trying to play Muppet Central Radio on Live365 still has the same effect as before the new firmware.


2007-02-14, 11:58
Thanks PeterW for your help, I'll be glad when this one gets fixed.