View Full Version : 6.5.1 (Windows) - Scanner removes playlist

2007-01-31, 05:34
I've been trying to redress the Christmas imbalance on my Last.fm profile by leaving some seed playlists running overnight. However, every time my scheduled overnight scan kicks in my Now Playing playlist is cleared.
I've just checked during the day whilst I am at the web interface to confirm it and yes, as soon as I initiate a clear and rescan the Now Playing playlist is cleared and the music instantly stops.

Is this supposed to happen? if it is, is there a setting I can change to stop it happening? If not, can someone verify it happens to them before I file a bug or attempt to hunt out an existing one?


2007-01-31, 06:04
Have you tried doing an ordninary rescan instead of the full clear-out? I can imagine that SS might find it hard to play music when its database is blown away, which is what happens if you start with a clear....