View Full Version : very long gap between songs, rebuffering

2007-01-30, 20:51
I just got an SB3. Between every song there is a lengthy (10-30 second) delay during which the display shows:

Now Playing (Rebuffering ... 0%)
<song that just finished playing>

After which it launches into the next song (although the title is often not updated for the first few seconds of the new song).

What is up with this? Does it not buffer across song borders?

Here are my versions/platforms:

SlimServer Version: 6.5.1 - 11206 - Debian - EN - utf8
Server IP address:
Perl Version: 5.8.8 i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi
MySQL Version: 4.1.15-Debian_1ubuntu5

Mark Lanctot
2007-02-01, 09:26
Is this playing Internet Radio or files from your own collection? If from your own collection, what file type are they?

What does Help - Server & Network Health - Network Test show?

2007-02-01, 09:30
It sounds like a wireless issue (if you are using wireless). If so, search the forums for wireless interference.