View Full Version : Who has change privs on WIKI home page?

Eric Carroll
2007-01-30, 20:44
I would like to have an "advanced guide" link after the "beginners guide" on the wiki home page.

I would like to see a page on ripping/playback of non-redbook material.

To that end, I copied some instructions for AC3 DVD ripping out of the forum into the wiki and noticed there is no decent place to link it.

There has been a good audiophile thread on 24 bit material that is starting to come out... wouldn't mind capturing that too.

How about the advanced user guide for undocumented remote functions? I have found a number in the threads....


Who do I call to get this created? :-)

2007-01-30, 20:52
Once you have the new page in place, email kevin@slimde_____.com with the link you want to add.

Eric Carroll
2007-01-30, 21:17
Great, thanks!

2007-01-31, 01:41
Eric, if you have a look at the "Slimserver" page at http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?SlimServer you'll see a couple of pages which have already started to do this sort of thing, eg HacksModsAndTweaks, TipsAndTricks, CommonProblems.

You'll also see several links to pages which are "advanced" topics in very much the same way as your new page, eg RunningMultipleSlimservers, MultiDisc, Synchronisation etc etc.

I'd say that if you just have one or two such new pages to go in, you could easily add them in the Slimserver page and they would be at home there.

Or if you are feeling really bold you could have a think about how all of this could get tidied up! The difficulty I think you'll have with an advanced guide is that there isn't an obvious internal structure for it, it may end up just being a list of links (and how then would someone know to look in there instead of HacksModsAndTweaks, TipsAndTricks, or at the Slimserver page?).

Here's one suggestion: add your new content page(s) to the Slimserver page along with all the others. Additionally, create a new AdvancedTopicsDirectory which merges HacksModsAndTweaks, TipsAndTricks, and additionally links in your new pages and the other similar topics from the Slimserver page. This really only adds value if you can find a way of putting a structure (but please not a deep hierarchy of web pages!!) on these to help people find what they are looking for.

Once this is done I'll find some good places in the BeginnersGuide to reference across from...