View Full Version : Squeezebox Fails to See Network After Network Connection Switched

2007-01-30, 15:59
Noted something strange with my Squeezebox3 (current released version, SlimServer 6.5.1).

I replaced the switch the wired Squeezebox (and other equipment) was connected to. After plugging everything into the new switch, the Squeezebox had turned itself off. Trying to turn it back on kept giving the error "No Network Connection Found" or something like that after which the SqueezeBox would turn itself off again. I tried turning it on and off again a few times and kept getting the same thing.

I finally unplugged it from the power supply, waited a little bit, then plugged it back in. It immediately found slimserver and everything was fine.

Not sure why it got stuck like that. Neither the SqueezeBox nor the box SlimServer is on are using DHCP, they're both hardcoded IP's, so it really shouldn't have had any problem. It definitely shouldn't have been telling me it wasn't connected at that point.

Unplugging the power certainly works around the problem, but it really should handle a network cable getting moved onto a new switch without locking up.