View Full Version : Make playlists always start at the begining?

2007-01-30, 10:49
Is there a way to Make playlists always start at the beginning? The reason I ask is we are using this in a bar and have certain song they we play and certain times every night. So I setup playlists and made a favorites button for them so the bartenders can just press button 1 or 2 etc. But it always starts the playlist were is last left off instead of at the beginning.

2007-01-30, 11:00
I think I asked the same question about a year ago and got no replies.


I've never found a way to make this work. There is a setting under Player Settings / Audio options / Power On Resume, but this only works in respect of Power On / Off.

Picking up the playlist from the point that the player left off is the more logical behaviour, but I would also like playlists to restart from the beginning.

2007-02-15, 10:21
it would seem like an easy feature to add.

2007-02-15, 10:50
Edit the playlist and take out any
lines at the beginning.

Make the playlist file read-only. How to do this varies by operating system.

2007-02-15, 11:06
thanks , I'll try that out