View Full Version : 6.5.1 Random Mix not as good as before

2007-01-30, 10:43
I did the update to 6.5.1 two days ago and I have found that somehow the new random mix implementation really sucks. when ever I click the button, the server coughs up a variation of what was just there, it seems that the same 10 albums are initially represented with multiple tracks each even through I have well over 10k tracks in my library. any ideas how to tweak this? it's kind of annoying. I'm on mac osx 10.4.8.

Rick B.
2007-01-31, 11:13
I notice this as well. I seem to often get the same albums early on in the random play, even if I start fresh.

Nobody else?

2007-01-31, 11:24
I eventually downloaded the 'random playlist plugin' and it's much better (i.e. it works like it should...)


Rick B.
2007-01-31, 11:57
Thanks, Vordo.